Covidmeter 2020-11-15

Belgium finally passed San Marino mark in cumulative deaths per million inhabitants. Belgium deaths are higher than other countries. Please keep in mind around 1.2% or 12000 per million people in any developed country with expected life span of 85 years pass away on annual basis. Covid-19 outbreak lasts around 8 months. During that period 9000 (8/12 * 12000) people per million died in Belgium, 1250 had Covid-19 diagnosed. In other words 14% of death count had Covid-19.

Daily deaths 7 day moving average is now trending down in Belgium and Netherlands. It will probably go down in Czechia as well. On chart below dotted line represents Belgium daily deaths from 1st Covid wave moved forward on time axis by 200 days, we plot it for reference. Solid lines are current data.

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