Covid-19 deaths by age

Covid-19 deaths are usually reported as daily totals. It would be interesting to have a look into more details like deceased people age or health condition like chronic illness. Surprisingly such a data are not easily available. I’ve managed to get some detailed data on Covid-19 deaths in Poland, you’ll find them in this post.

Data set

Data presented here come form Poland Ministry of Health, I’ve got them on requests, they are not published regularly. The data represent period from 2020-10-09 to 2020-10-27. Received set has information on:

  1. death date
  2. death place
  3. sex
  4. age

The set has no information on chronic illness. Other statements from ministry show 90% of Covid-19 positive deceases had preexisting illness. Chart below shows age distribution for entire set.

  1. Very few people under 40 die with Covid-19
  2. It would be super interesting to compare above distribution with remaining deaths distribution. Around 1200 die in Poland on daily basis, max Covid-19 positive deaths are 179 in the set. Unfortunately I have no access to the latter distribution. I believe both will be similar. For avoidance of doubts: It does not mean Covid-19 is not dangerous for individuals who contract it.
  3. I believe epidemic dangerous for population should take its toll regardless of age, Covid-19 seems to focus on older ones

Males and females

Charts below show age distribution split by gender.

  1. Men have significantly higher death count till 80, after 80 both distributions are almost identical
  1. Men represent 58% of all deaths, male deaths are (1025-722)/722=42% higher than female

Table below compares age distribution in numbers. Age 25% means 25% of deaths in group are under this age. Please note average lifespan in Poland is 78 years.

total deaths1747.01025.0722.0
average age75.874.278.1
most common age82.082.087.0
age 25%
age 50%
age 75%


  1. There are little fatalities under 40, just 27 out of 1747 or 1.5%
  2. Covid-19 fatalities are much higher among men than women
  3. Death age distribution shows Covid-19 does not represent a significant threat for population since it spares younger part if it.
  4. Better quantitative analysis of Coviid-19 cases is needed. Number of cases and deaths are floated everywhere. Age of deceased was hard to get. I’ve seen no data on recovered ones like full/partial recovery, time between infection and recovery, hospitalization rate, intensive care time etc.
  5. Lock down or quarantine will not save us, working economy allowing better planning and execution of medical response will.

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