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Covidmeter 2020-11-08

Covidmeter shows number of cumulative Covid-19 deaths per 1 million people. Figure below displays top 5 countries in this ranking along with USA, Russia and Poland which were hand picked. Country rank in cumulative deaths is shown after its name. Diamond Princess and San Marino were added as reference and future impact prediction, please go to previous posts for rationale.

  1. No Covid-19 fatality was registered in San Marino since May.
  2. Belgium leads ranking again.
  3. Predictions regarding total population impact – 0.2% or 2000 fatalities per million made after Diamond Princess experience hold true. In fact no country so far exceeded San Marino figure.
  4. Covid-19 2nd wave in Belgium takes death toll while in Sweden deaths count is very modest.
  5. China (not shown on picture) unlike other counties it does not experience 2nd wave. They have either eliminated the virus (unlikely) or called off epidemic and focus on treating individual cases as they arise (probable).